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About Us

It's time for an Equestrian Marketplace for everyone

As a team, The Equestrian is founded by individuals who have experience across all sectors of the equestrian industry in Australia and the USA.

Our team consists of individuals who have many successful years experience in equestrian retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and e-commerce. The team also consists of digital marketing professionals, current and past professional trainers and competition riders across a range of disciplines. Most important of all, we have a passion for horses and the global equine community.

This allows us to be in a unique position to leverage our years of experience and give you as a customer or vendor, the unique opportunity to buy and sell online in one place, for not only new physical equestrian products, but also list your courses, horses for sale, transport, property, and almost anything else you can buy or sell in the one equestrian marketplace.

Jason & Steven Philips


Jason Philips


Jason & Steven Philips are well known throughout Australia as the principles of the highly respected Tailrace equestrian retail business, based in Tuggerah, NSW. With decades in the equestrian retail and manufacturing sector, their combined knowledge of equestrian retail manufacturing, and customer service ensure the same attention to detail is embedded at The Equestrian and The Equestrian USA. You can visit our Australian store here:

Jason takes on the role of general manager, seller relations and strategy. Steve takes on the role of CFO.

Jono Farrington

Jono Farrington


Jono Farrington has 20 years experience in digital and online marketing, including founding start-ups in both Australia, USA and internationally. A director of the technical E-commerce agency Silicon Dales, he brings knowledge in technical, growth, and management of large e-commerce assets. The agency has worked with equestrian businesses in the USA for many years, helping them grow their online presence.

Jono was also a competitive showjumper up to World Cup level for over 20 years. He takes care of technical, digital marketing and strategy at The Equestrian and The Equestrian USA.

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