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JPR Equestrian Lockdown Challenge - Win A Pair Of Ego 7 Breeches

JPR Equestrian - Win A Pair Of Ego 7 Breeches

If you're stuck in lock down anywhere in Australia and want a new jumping exercise to practice, here is a cool jumping exercise you might want to try. James and Sarah from JPR Equestrian explain how it's done.

The best could win a pair of Ego 7 breeches.

"We’re excited to be partnering with The Equestrian to bring you a lock down challenge. The winner will receive a pair of EGO 7 Breeches thanks to The Equestrian"
James & Sarah

How To Enter

  1. Watch the video below

  2. Film yourself riding the line once at 4 and 4 strides, once at 5 and 5 strides and once at either 5 and 4 strides or 4 and 5 strides down your line (6 if possible but it’s more important to have a smooth relaxed horse.) Try to land on the correct lead and have a straight horse down the line.

  3. Explain to us (in under 200 words) why this exercise is good training to do on all levels and ages of horses and how you felt this exercise was beneficial to you and your horses training. We’d also like to hear from you why the line measured out as 3 strides, yet it rode in 4 strides very easily?

  4. Upload your video and explanation in the comments section here: Upload Video On This FB Post, or if you'd rather not post it publicly, send it in a message here: JPR Facebook page.

  5. James and Sarah will watch and evaluate all entries and name a winner on Wednesday 18th August. The winner will be announced on our website and will receive a pair of EGO 7 Breeches.

"We have videos of using this exercise for different reasons, while riding different types of horses where we will explain to you what we are doing and why we are doing them... watch out for a blog to be released after the challenge finishes!"

"We hope you are all staying safe and hopefully our lock down challenge will help you keep motivated to keep training hard so when shows start up you are ready to have fun!”
James & Sarah

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