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Exploring the Benefits of Methylsulfonylmethane for Horses

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The purpose of this article is to explore the potential health benefits of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for horses. From exploring dosage and supplementation regimes to examining the possible effects on joint health, hoof quality, coat shine, and more - we’ll break down what research has found so far.

We'll look at any potential risks, side effects, and optimal dosing and absorption periods - as well as how MSM could work synergistically with other supplements. Written by horse industry experts, this piece provides a comprehensive exploration of the research available to help you determine how you can ensure your horse enjoys all the positive benefits of this popular naturally-occurring dietary supplement. See our comprehensive article on active ingredients in horse joint health supplements.


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Key Takeaways


  • MSM provides sulfur, which is essential for the formation of many important tissues in the body, including cartilage, tendons, and ligaments.
  • MSM has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce pain and swelling.
  • MSM is a naturally occurring compound found in plants and animals.


What is MSM?


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Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a naturally occurring chemical found in some green plants, animals, and humans. It's also used as a dietary supplement to potentially help with osteoarthritis. This sulfur-containing compound is made up of oxygen, sulfur, and carbon atoms - playing an important role in the production of collagen and cartilage for joint health.

In the equestrian world, MSM has become increasingly popular due to its potential anti-inflammatory effects on horses' bodies. It may soothe joints, promote comfortability, aid muscle recovery time, support healthy skin/hair/feet - even improve hoof condition! Plus it could reduce inflammation & pain while supporting joint health too!

But what about safety & dosage? In this section we'll explore the potential benefits of MSM for horses plus discuss its safety & dosage recommendations.


Benefits of MSM for Horses


MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound used as a supplement for horses. This article will explore the advantages of MSM for horses. It's known to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, plus it supports joint health. Generally safe with few side effects, when added to a horse's diet, MSM can provide an array of benefits from alleviating pain to improved joint health and enhanced immunity.



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MSM supplies sulfur, which forms proteins like enzymes, hormones and immune cells - strengthening soft tissues, reducing scar tissue formation, promoting muscle relaxation and decreasing inflammation while increasing circulation. Primarily given as a joint supplement to aid in collagen and cartilage health plus support soft tissue, tendon & ligament wellbeing; it helps maintain healthy joints & connective tissue while naturally supporting comfort levels too.

It also reduces pain & inflammation associated with equine arthritis; improving flexibility whilst minimizing oxidative damage & inflammation so horses recover quickly - according to international peer-reviewed studies that found MSM supplements protect horses from harmful physiologic changes plus affect how fast muscles can recuperate after exercise. The recommended dosage is 2 grams (2000 mg) per 100 kg body weight - usually in powder form but some formulas include chondroitin or glucosamine too.

In addition to aiding joint health, MSM promotes healthy skin/coat/hoof horn growth plus boosts the immune system by disrupting steps in the signalling pathway that causes inflammation - allowing owners to ensure their horse's joints stay strong & protected whilst repairing cartilage; reducing pain/inflammation so they feel their best!


Pain Relief


MSM is a popular supplement in the horse industry, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. It's generally safe to use with few side effects. Studies have shown that horses receiving higher doses of MSM (10 and 20 grams per day) experienced less inflammation, muscle soreness, and improved performance - trainers reported better hair coats, faster hoof growth too! Plus, it can disrupt the steps in the signalling pathway that promotes inflammation - making it an effective way to reduce exercise-induced inflammation.

The loading dose of 20 g per day is recommended initially to observe a therapeutic effect; however, the right quantity of MSM can vary for different ponies. Ultimately though, this supplement has been proven to help reduce pain and inflammation while combating signs and symptoms of equine arthritis - improving joint flexibility as well as increasing blood circulation.


Improved Joint Health


MSM is a natural supplement that can help horses with joint health, supporting the production of joint-protecting collagen and cartilage. Glucosamine and collagen contain an important component. It is essential to keep connective tissue and cartilage in a healthy state. Glucosamine is important for building blocks of cartilage, helping it form and stay strong, and it also helps absorb shock when jumping and running.

Hyaluronic acid supplements can also help with joint health in horses, as it helps reduce friction in the joints. This is due to its ability to increase the supply and viscosity of synovial fluid, preventing the cartilage from rubbing against bone. Chondroitin sulfate is another joint supplement that is important for inhibiting and neutralizing destructive enzymes, preventing cartilage breakdown. TRI-ACTA is a combination of three key ingredients: glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, designed to support joint health in horses.

Essential fatty acids are important for horse health. They can help reduce swelling and stiffness in the joints, promoting better mobility. They can also help with muscle recovery, as they promote the metabolism of carbohydrates and reduce inflammation. Finally, fish oil can be beneficial for heavily worked horses and competition horses, as it can provide optimal performance and muscle recovery.

Overall, MSM is a safe and effective supplement for horses and can provide a wide range of benefits to support their joint health. By supplementing a horse's diet with MSM, owners can help ensure their horse's joints stay healthy and strong.


Improved Skin and Coat Health


MSM is a natural sulfur-containing compound that can also benefit horses by promoting healthy skin, coat, and stronger hoof horn. MSM helps the production of keratin, which supports the formation and strength of healthy cells, providing the building blocks for strong hair growth and healthy skin. It can also help horses with poor hoof condition, as MSM minimises oxidative damage and inflammation.

MSM is an essential component of proteins, providing sulfur to keratin molecules, which strengthens their structure and helps build strong and healthy hair. Insufficient sulfur levels can lead to poor hoof and joint health, as it can create an unstable structure of collagen and glucosamine, making hooves and joints weak. MSM horse supplements can help ensure that your horse is getting enough sulfur in their diet, as it is a zero-fillers supplement with no added ingredients designed to support joint health.

MSM helps contribute to the production of glutathione, one of the most important intracellular antioxidants and a key element for immune system health. MSM can also help reduce inflammation, support the immune system, and promote a healthy coat. Additionally, MSM can help reduce stiffness and discomfort associated with exercise and can be helpful in reducing lameness, arthritis, pain, OCD, synovitis, and modulating immune response by influencing oxidative stress and inflammation.

By supplementing MSM into a horse's diet, owners can help ensure their horse's skin and coat health is at its best. A recommended dosage for horses is 2 grams (2000 mg) per 100 kg of body weight, and a loading dose of 10g per day can be used for maintenance after improvement is noted.


Boosts Immunity


MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound that can have a positive effect on the immune system of horses. This powerful antioxidant has properties which protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, and it also helps with inflammation and modulates the immune response by influencing oxidative stress and inflammation. It is believed that MSM increases the number of white blood cells in horses, which are essential to their immunity - helping them fight off infections and diseases, as well as reduce symptoms' severity. Additionally, MSM supports the production of vitamin C and E - two important intracellular antioxidants for the horse's body.

Overall, MSM is an effective supplement for horses providing numerous benefits such as pain relief, improved joint health and boosted immunity. It can be found in powder, liquid or topical form; top 4 brands offering this supplement are Equithrive, Platinum Performance, Kentucky Performance Products and SmartPak. Supplementing your horse's diet with MSM will help keep their joints healthy & strong while protecting & repairing cartilage; plus reducing pain & inflammation so they feel at their best! The recommended dosage is 2 grams (2000 mg) per 100 kg of body weight with a loading dose of 10g per day used for maintenance after improvement is noted. With proper usage & dosage, you'll ensure your horse stays healthy & happy!



Summary Of The Benefits of MSM for Horses
Reduces inflammation and pain
Improves coat and hoof health
May have immune-boosting properties
May reduce the risk of certain infections



Is MSM Safe for Horses?


MSM is a natural supplement that has been found to have many benefits for horses, including boosting immunity. Regarded as one of the safest equine supplements, it has a short half-life in the body, and any excess MSM is rapidly excreted. As with any supplement, it is important to consider if MSM is safe for horses. Horses suffering from urinary tract stones, diabetes, hyperglycemia or an allergy to shellfish should stay away from MSM. This is because these health problems could be exacerbated by taking MSM.

MSM is beneficial for horses as it supports their bones and keeps them active, strong, and limber. There are no known side effects and it supports healthy joints, connective tissues and skin. It also helps to reduce joint pain and stiffness, improve hoof condition, support carbohydrate metabolism, and increase the horse’s immunity. The recommended daily dose of MSM for horses and ponies is 2 grams per 100 kg of body weight, or 1-2 scoops of MSM powder to their feed twice a day.

It is important to use a high quality formula of MSM, such as TRI-ACTA, which is 100% pure MSM with no fillers. TRI-ACTA is tested in a third-party lab and approved by Health Canada. There is also a loading dose of 10 days where the horse should take double the amount of the daily dose. After the initial five days, the horse should then be given 12 scoops (6,000 milligrams) twice a day. This will provide an effective therapeutic dose of MSM in the supplement.

To ensure that MSM is safe and effective for your horse, it is important to consult with an equine nutritionist or veterinarian to determine the right dosage. Many horses are supplemented, especially performance horses and those with joint pain, to help relieve joint pain and improve joint health. Some horses may experience allergic reactions or abnormal blood chemistry due to excessive supplementation, so it is important to always follow the recommended dosage.


How Much MSM Should a Horse Take Daily?


When it comes to giving your horse MSM, it's essential to know the right dosage. This depends on the horse’s weight, the severity of their joint issues, and the type of MSM supplement used. For horses and ponies, 2 grams per 100 kg body weight is recommended daily for joint health support, inflammation reduction and connective tissue strengthening.

TRI-ACTA is a high quality formula of 100% pure MSM with no fillers - tested in a third-party lab and approved by Health Canada. A loading dose of 10 days requires double the amount of daily dosage - 12 scoops (6,000 milligrams) twice a day for an effective therapeutic dose.

Combining MSM with other key ingredients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin maximizes its benefits - reducing joint pain while improving joint health plus supporting healthy skin, hoof condition, muscle recovery and inflammation reduction in senior horses or competition horses.

By following this recommended dosage, you can ensure your horse gets optimal benefits from supplementation - maintaining joint health while supporting their body for longer life expectancy.


How to Give MSM to Your Horse


Once you have figured out how much MSM your horse should take daily, the next step is to decide how to administer it. The optimal way of giving a horse MSM is by adding 1-2 scoops of powder to their feed twice a day. It's also recommended to use MSM in combination with Glucosamine and Chondroitin for maximum efficiency.

MSM has many advantages for horses as it supports their bones and keeps them active, strong, and flexible. It can help reduce joint pain and stiffness, improve hoof condition, support carbohydrate metabolism, and boost the horse’s immunity. Additionally, MSM helps promote keratin formation, which plays an important role in the horse’s hooves and skin.

It's essential to consider other options for joint and mobility support apart from MSM too. For instance, some horses may benefit from joint supplements containing chondroitin sulfate, which protects & strengthens connective tissues, or joint support formulas with high quality ingredients that help decrease inflammation & sustain healthy joints. By taking all possibilities into account, you can make sure that your horse gets the best possible supplementation tailored specifically for its needs.


Other Equine Joint & Mobility Options


In addition to MSM, there are other equine joint and mobility solutions to support your horse's health. Glucosamine and chondroitin, two key ingredients for healthy joint function, can be found in quality supplements. Omega fatty acids from fish oil, flaxseed oil or hemp seed oil provide additional joint health benefits. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is also beneficial for horses with degenerative joints or arthritis as it helps them move comfortably. TRI-ACTA H.A., a supplement containing HA alongside other essential components, may help many horses too.


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Herbal remedies such as Devil's claw or yucca can reduce inflammation and work well in combination with other joint health solutions. Equine nutritionists often suggest adding sulfur to the diet since it is an important part of glucosamine and collagen, which make up connective tissue and cartilage respectively.

When selecting an equine joint supplement, consider the quality of its ingredients as well as their dosage - plus any potential side effects that could arise from taking it - before making changes to your horse's diet or supplement routine; always consult your veterinarian first!

Overall there are plenty of options available to meet your horse's needs when it comes to supporting their joints and mobility; MSM being one great choice but not the only one out there! Make sure you discuss all possible options with your vet before deciding on anything else for your beloved four-legged friend!




The benefits of Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for horses can no longer be overlooked. MSM, a sulfur-containing compound, offers tremendous joint health support for horses thanks to its natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. When used with other key ingredients like Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the combination can help reduce joint pain and stiffness associated with exercise, improve overall joint flexibility, and boost immunity through strengthening keratin molecules.

What's more, MSM has been shown to provide excellent support for horse coat and hoof condition as well. All in all, the general consensus appears to be that MSM can greatly enhance many aspects of equine health – making it an ideal supplement to consider when looking to improve your horse’s wellbeing.

However, be sure to check with a veterinarian before making any changes to your horse's diet or supplement regimen. With the right dosage and dosage frequency, horses can benefit from the use of MSM for superior joint health.


Popular Questions


How long does it take for MSM to work on horses?

For MSM to be effective with horses, you may need to give it some time. Generally speaking, you can expect to see results within 10-14 days if your horse is supplemented with loading doses of Glucosamine and Chondroitin too.

With patience and consistency, you should start seeing positive changes soon!

What are the side effects of MSM supplement for horses?

No significant side effects have been observed from the use of MSM horse supplements. Though stomach upset, diarrhea, decreased appetite, tiredness, restlessness and headache have been reported, these are not normally linked to the supplementation of MSM in horses.

Does MSM help hoof growth?

Overall, the evidence supports the conclusion that regular intake of MSM supplements has positive effects on hoof growth. They increase the delivery of essential nutrients and improve blood circulation.

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