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Kelato Swelldown Poultice 10.4kg

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Regular price $90.00
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Kelato Swelldown Poultice 10.4kgA reliable first aid kit is required. An application of SwellDOWN, a clay poultice, reduces swelling and overall leg soreness by quickly drawing heat away from inflammation. It is safe to use on broken skin and is simple to remove.What exactly is SwellDOWN?
Using a special blend of montmorillonite clay and other proprietary ingredients, SwellDOWN provides a cooling effect on injuries commonly caused by hard knocks or jarring. When applied as a poultice, the clay draws out heat and reduces swelling that is common at damaged sites, allowing for a more rapid recovery. It is quick, effective, and a great tightener for the areas around the knees, ankles, and tendons.SwellDOWN does not contain any substances in concentrations that are prohibited by racing regulations.What is the mechanism by which SwellDOWN operates?
SwellDOWN has a cooling effect on the skin because of the combination of wet clay, essential oils, and minerals in the formula. A rapid removal of heat produced by exercise or injury helps to reduce the risk of hypoxia (lack of oxygen) damage, oedema (fluid retention), and muscle damage, which all contribute to faster recovery. Size: 2.25kg or 10.4kg
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