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Kelato Quikheal 200gm

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Quickheal Ointment 200g NETOintment with antifungal, antibacterial, and water-resistant properties for the treatment of greasy heels and other general skin conditions.What exactly is QuikHEAL
QuikHEAL is an antibacterial and antifungal ointment containing sulphur and copper sulphate to aid in the rapid healing of greasy heels and other skin conditions.QuikHEAL is effective for a wide variety of conditions:
Greasy heel
Rain Scald
Girth gall
Saddle Sores
Cuts and nicksHow does QuikHEAL work?
Once bacteria or fungi infect broken skin, they cause inflammation and mild to severe irritation.
QuikHEAL's active ingredients are highly effective against bacteria and fungi.
QuikHEAL is water resistant, which contributes to its longevity once applied to the wound.
QuikHEAL's combination of sulphur and copper sulphate also creates an unfavourable environment for bacteria, assisting in the prevention of re-infection.
QuikHEAL also functions as a barrier, allowing the antibacterial and antifungal ingredients to work effectively.Features & Advantages
QuikHEAL is free of lead.
Rapid response.
Antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
Simple to use.
Highly effective anti-infection agent.
Ointment that is not easily rubbed off.
Resistant to water as it acts as a barrier.Ingredients
Copper sulphate Sulphur sulphate Tar acidsUse instructions
When treating a greasy heel, soak and wash it to soften and attempt to remove the scabs.
Thoroughly dry the area and apply QuikHEAL.
If the weather is pleasant and sunny, leave the area exposed to direct sunlight.
If the affected area remains wet, bandage it with Kelato's Cotton Wool and Gauze and EnduroWRAP.
QuikHEAL should be reapplied.
Consult a physician prior to using in conjunction with other topical treatments.Available Sizes 200g 450g
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