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Bombers DC Morgan Bomber Blue Swivel

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Regular price $305.00
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The DC Morgan was designed to remove as many pressures as possible, creating a safe comfortable communication. The key feature of the cheek piece is the loose ring which attaches to the bridle, which can also rotate, ensuring the poll and cheek area is relieved from any rein engagement. The reins are optionally attached to the large dee, which swings open independently of the cheek piece; or the small rein loop towards the bottom of the Dee, which will some leveraging of the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is fixed to the cheek piece, with a solid surface area to encourage flexion.

The Bomber Blue is a unique bit which produces amazing results for the majority of horses. The mouthpiece is ported to give tongue relief. The nylon composite material is light in the mouth and encourages salivation. It is particularly well suited to horses that object to metal mouth pieces. The swivel mouthpiece can rotate on the horizontal, allowing the cheek piece to move independently, thereby the horse can set the port where it finds the mouthpiece most comfortable, removing further tongue pressure.

Mouthpiece thickness - B16/09 - 16mm over bars 9mm over tongue

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