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Collection: Shop Breastplates & Martingales

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We have a nice selection of top quality breastplates and martingales. Be sure to also check out our bridles, halters & lead ropes and stirrups & girths. You might also be interested in our bit range.

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Popular Questions

Below you can see some of the popular questions we get asked about our breastplates and martingales selection.

Do You Sell Showjumping Breastplates?

Yes. In fact our most popular sellers in the collection are breastplates and martingales for show jumping.

What Brands Do You Sell?

Some of the more popular brands include Dy'On, Lemieux, ad Kentucky breastplates. Equipe is also another great brand we sell.

Do You Sell Western Breastplates?

Yes. In face we have a dedicated western breastplate page.

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