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Collection: Horse & Pony Stable Rugs

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6 of 132 products


6 of 132 products

Check out our selection of stable rugs. Also see our winter rugs, summer rugs, and show rugs. See here for our entire horse rug range.

Popular Questions About Horse & Pony Stable Rugs

Below are some of the most popular questions we get about stable rugs.

What Are Quality Stable Rug Brands?

There are many rug brands that product high quality stable rugs.These include Bucas rugs Australia, Diamond Deluxe Rugs, Kentucky rugs, and Shanga.

When Should I Use A Stable Rug?

A stable rug generally refers to a horse or pony rug that can be used under cover, or under a waterproof rug. Many owners will use them in stables or shelters where they are unlikely to get wet. They are also commonly used for traveling in a float or truck, or as an under rug with a winter or waterproof rug on top.

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