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Collection: Horse Rugs - All Types

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134 products


134 products

Below is our range of horse rugs and blankets of all types and sizes. It doesn't matter if your in need of a show or paddock rug, a winter or summer horse rugs for sale, or rug accessories, we have it all. Australia's top brands. Also includes used and 2nd hand rugs.

  • Shanga Towel RugShanga Towel Rug
    Shanga Towel Rug
    $29.00 $15.0048% Off!
  • Canvas Z Nt Rug Unlined Horsemaster RipstopCanvas Z Nt Rug Unlined Horsemaster Ripstop
    Canvas Z Nt Rug Unlined H...
    $71.00 $49.0031% Off!

Popular Horse Rug Questions

Below you can find some of the popular questions we regularly get asked about rugs.

What Is A Winter Rug?

The term "winter rug" generally refers to rugs that are used outside and are waterproof in most cases. The older style canvas rugs are commonly called winter rugs. Winter rugs can be either combos or standard, and the purpose is obviously to keep your horse or pony warm and dry while outside bot day and night.

What Is A Stable Rug?

The term "stable rug" generally refers to a rug that can be used under cover. They can be used to keep a horse or pony warm while in a stable of shelter, but are not necessarily water proof. Many owners will also use stable rugs underneath a waterproof rug.

What Is A Summer Rug?

The term "summer rug" generally refers to style of rug that is generally lighter and can be used in warm, dry conditions. Their purpose is to protect the horses coat from sun and also from insects and bugs in some circumstances. Summer rugs can also have the effect of cooling by reflecting the sun or reducing heat. These include mesh rugs for horses.

What Rug Brands Do You Sell?

We have a great range of the some of the most popular rugs in Australia, including:

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