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Collection: Horse Health & Nutrition

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A great range of health and nutrition products for your horse or pony. Includes feed supplements, vitamins and minerals, medicines, topical spray and ointments, and everything else in between. Check out our hoof care selection, fly and insect repellent for horses, and equine vitamins and supplements.

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With a large range of horse health product listed on our marketplace, we have all the top brands in Australia and also from around the world. Some of the great brands we sell include but are not limited to:

There are many more brands available, but the above are owned and operated by Australians. A great place to start for you horse care needs.

Popular Questions

Below are some of the common questions we're asked about our horse health range.

Do you sell gut probiotic and prebiotic supplements for horses?

Yes. The two most popular products we sell are in-sideout horse by EAC Animal Care and Fixine for Equine by CAN Animal Care.

What wound care care brands do you list?

We have a range of horse wound care products available. Some of the most popular products include Equidae Heal & Restore, in-silver spray on bandage by EAC Animal Care, Cavalor Equicare Derma Spray, and Filtabac Ceva.

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