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A Review Of Kelato GastroAid - Equine Gastric Ulcer Supplement

a horse using Kelato Gastro Aid

Kelato GastroAid is a scientifically-backed, two-part supplement formulated to support equine digestive health, particularly in managing Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS).

This review delves into GastroAid's unique benefits, real-world results, and extensive research support, providing invaluable insights for equine professionals and horse owners.

We'll also explore its role in addressing related conditions, and practical feeding strategies, establishing GastroAid as an essential component in comprehensive equine care.

Key Takeaways

  • GastroAID Recovery is a two-part gut equine health supplement that targets both foregut and hindgut health.

  • It supports recovery from gastric ulcers and other digestive conditions.

  • The supplement provides coating agents pectin and lecithin to protect the stomach wall and strengthen the mucosal lining.

  • GastroAID Recovery is recommended for horses with Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) or under stress.




Understanding the Benefits of GastroAID Recovery

The benefits of GastroAID Recovery encompass not only the effective treatment of gastric ulcers and other digestive conditions in horses, but also the strengthening of the stomach's mucosal lining and the overall improvement of both foregut and hindgut health.

Understanding the benefits of GastroAID Recovery is crucial in promoting the well-being of horses recovering from such conditions. This innovative solution supports optimal digestive health by fostering a healthy gut mucosa, thereby reducing the risk of recurring issues.

Sharing Testimonials and Real Results

Regularly, we receive testimonials from satisfied customers who have witnessed remarkable improvements in their horses after using GastroAID Recovery. These shared experiences provide real results and are a testament to the efficacy of our product in managing equine gastric ulcer syndrome and promoting optimal digestive health.


the Kelato Gastro Aid product



Client Testimonial Horse Improvement
John K. GastroAID Recovery transformed my horse's mood and performance Improved behavior and performance
Sarah L. My horse's appetite vastly improved Increased appetite
Dave M. My horse's coat looks healthier Improved physical appearance



We are committed to providing quality care for your horses, and these positive Kelato GastroAid reviews affirm the success of our approach to managing gastric ulcers. We welcome you to share your testimonials and contribute to our growing community of satisfied customers.

Expanding Your Knowledge With Additional Information and Support

Expanding your knowledge base with additional information and support can significantly improve your understanding of how to effectively use GastroAID Recovery for your horse's ultimate gut health.

Attending horse care webinars or reading equine health publications can provide valuable insights and tips on how to incorporate GastroAID Recovery into your horse's dietary regimen. These resources can help you understand the science behind the formulation of this supplement and appreciate its role in maintaining equine gut health.

Delving into resources like the Kelato Gastro Aid review can provide specific insights into how this supplement strengthens the stomach lining and protects it from damaging gastric acid.

GastroAID Recovery is particularly essential for ensuring optimal digestion, especially during stressful periods. By understanding its formulation and the benefits it provides, you can better appreciate its role in maintaining equine gut health.

Interacting with professionals through webinars and online forums can also provide practical tips and guidance on how to incorporate GastroAID Recovery into your horse's dietary regimen.

Overall, expanding your knowledge base and seeking additional support can greatly enhance your ability to use GastroAID Recovery effectively for your horse's gut health.

Delving Into the Research and Effectiveness

Peer-reviewed clinical trials and user testimonials make up a substantial body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of GastroAID Recovery, and this compound noun - 'evidence base' - is critical in establishing the product's credibility in the equine health industry. In a kelato gastro aid review, it is often highlighted how the product aids horses in developing a healthy stomach lining thereby preventing gastric ulcers.


Clinical Trials User Testimonials
Demonstrated effectiveness in reducing ulcers Reported improvements in horse behavior
Proven to maintain stomach pH Noted enhancement in horse's appetite



The product's unique formulation coats the stomach lining, offering protection against harmful acids. In conclusion, GastroAID Recovery is a reputable solution for equine stomach health, backed by scientific evidence and user satisfaction.

Connecting Laminitis and Gastro Health

Exploring the correlation between laminitis and gastro health reveals the intricacy of equine wellness, and highlights the necessity of maintaining a balanced diet for horses to prevent these interconnected health issues.

A healthy digestive system means efficient nutrient absorption, reducing the risk of laminitis.

Optimal hindgut health is crucial, as imbalances can lead to acidosis, a major contributor to laminitis.

The Kelato Gastro Aid review emphasizes its efficacy in promoting a healthy gut environment, preventing acid burn, a cause of gastro discomfort.

Connecting laminitis and gastro health, we realize that a robust gastro system can indeed lower laminitis incidence, underscoring the importance of gastro health supplements like Kelato Gastro Aid in a horse's diet.

The Role of Hay Feeding in Gastro Health

In considering gastro health, it's crucial to note that proper hay feeding, especially during the cold winter months, can promote a healthier digestive tract and, concurrently, reduce the risk of gastric ulcers in horses. Feeding hay correctly can moderate gut transit time, thereby improving feed conversion efficiency and overall health.


Hay Type Digestive Benefits Feeding Tips
Alfalfa High in calcium, moderates gut transit time Feed in moderation due to high protein
Timothy Good for digestive system, low in sugars Ideal for horses with metabolic issues
Orchard Grass High fiber content, good for ulcer-prone horses Can be fed in larger quantities



Understanding the relationship between hay feeding and gastro health can lead to better management of your horse's dietary needs.

Understanding High Performance and Its Impact on Gastro Health

The high performance disciplines, such as dressage, jumping or eventing, with thier rigorous training and performance requirements, can exert significant stress on a horse's gastro health, and understanding this correlation is key to ensuring optimal health and wellbeing for these equine athletes.

Stress, performance anxiety, and irregular feeding schedules inherent in competitive training environments can disrupt the horse's gastro balance, leading to conditions like gastric ulcers.

  1. Stress: High-performance training and competition environments can increase stress hormones, impacting digestive health.

  2. Performance anxiety: Anxiety can slow gut motility, leading to acid buildup and potential ulceration.

  3. Irregular Feeding: Due to competition schedules, horses may have irregular feeding times, disrupting their natural foraging patterns and gut health.

  4. Training Intensity: Rigorous training can increase acid production, exacerbating gastro issues.

Understanding and addressing these factors can help maintain a performance horse's gastro health.

Popular Questions

Are There Any Known Side Effects of Using Gastroaid Recovery for Horses?

GastroAID Recovery is generally well-tolerated by horses. However, any changes in a horse's diet should be introduced gradually to avoid potential digestive upset. The product is not recommended for use one day before racing.

Can Gastroaid Recovery Be Used in Conjunction With Other Treatments or Medications for Gastric Ulcers?

Yes, GastroAID Recovery can be used alongside other treatments or medications for gastric ulcers. However, it is recommended to consult with a veterinary professional before combining treatments to ensure safe and effective use.

How Long Does It Typically Take to See Results After Starting a Horse on Gastroaid Recovery?

Typically, noticeable results with GastroAID Recovery can be seen after three to four weeks. However, the exact timeframe may vary depending on the horse's condition, diet, and overall management practices.

Is Gastroaid Recovery Suitable for Horses of All Ages and Breeds?

Yes, GastroAID Recovery is suitable for horses of all ages and breeds. It's designed to support the digestive health of horses, aid in recovery from gastric ulcers, and manage stress-related digestive disorders effectively.

How Does High Performance Training Impact a Horse's Gastro Health and How Can Gastroaid Aid in This?

Dressage training can stress a horse's gastro health due to intense focus and exertion. GastroAid can aid by buffering gastric acid, moderating gut transit time, and promoting beneficial microbes, thereby supporting optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

Final Notes

In conclusion, Kelato GastroAid Recovery is a scientifically-backed, two-part supplement that supports overall gastrointestinal health in horses. It is particularly beneficial for horses diagnosed with or recovering from EGUS and those under significant stress.

Its effectiveness extends to managing long-term digestive health, underpinned by clinical trials. Understanding its benefits, feeding recommendations, and the interplay between factors like laminitis, hay feeding, and dressage can assist equine health professionals and horse owners in promoting optimal equine health.

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