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What Does It Cost For The Best Pet Insurance In Australia?

pet insurance cost in Australia

What Does It Cost For The Best Pet Insurance In Australia?

Having a furry companion by your side is one of life's greatest joys, but it can also be expensive. Taking out pet insurance is a great way to protect yourself from unexpected vet bills and guarantee your furry family member always has access to the best care. But how much does pet insurance cost in Australia?



Key Takeaways:

  • The best pet insurance in Australia varies in cost but typically runs $20-40 per month for a basic policy and $60-$120 a month for comprehensive cover

  • Some policies may not cover pre-existing conditions or certain procedures like cosmetic surgery or dental problems

  • A comprehensive policy can be worth the cost to safeguard you against unexpected vet bills

  • To limit your pet insurance cost and vet expenses, keep your furry friend healthy with high-quality pet foodsupplements and medicine.




What Factors Impact Pet Insurance Premiums?

Your pet insurance premium will be based on a range of factors, including:

  • The type of pet (cat or dog)

  • The pet's breed

  • The age and gender of the animal

  • The amount of cover

  • Spay/neuter status

Many purebred dogs, large breeds and short-nosed breed pups have higher premiums because certain canines are predisposed to health complications from genetic factors.

How Much Is Pet Insurance: Australia Rates

As mentioned above, pet insurance premiums in Australia vary depending on the policy, cover amount and animal. Generally, policies range from as low as $20-$40 per month for basic cover to between $60-120 for more comprehensive policies.

Considering how much routine care costs on a yearly basis for the average pet, insurance may help pet owners save quite a lot. And investing in pet insurance could save owners thousands when you add in the potential for accidental injuries, emergency care and surgery.

Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Policy for You

When choosing the best pet insurance in Australia for your situation, there are a few crucial factors to consider.





The best pet insurance policy provides the most comprehensive cover for your treasured companion. The most valuable plans include accident and illness cover and a range of optional extras, like routine care and vaccinations.

More basic plans typically cover only illness and accidental injury, and the types of illnesses and injuries covered may be limited.


Pet insurance can be expensive, so select a policy that provides the most cover at an affordable rate. To find out the exact rate, request a quote.

When determining your pet insurance cost, companies typically consider the type of animal you have, the animal's age, and the level of cover, so you'll likely need to provide that and other information for a quote.

Choice of Vet

Pet owners often have a relationship with a specific vet. If that's the case, choose a policy with vet choice, or if the insurance only covers particular clinics, ask about participating vets.

How to Compare Pet Insurance Policies

It's important to compare pet insurance policies thoroughly, reading any relevant product disclosure statement to check for exclusions or limitations that may lead to higher vet expenses.

Look for:

The Annual Benefit Limit

Look at the insurer's annual benefit limit for eligible vet bills and other relevant limits. A good pet insurance policy will make applicable benefit limits clear.

Waiting Periods

These are periods of time when you have to wait for your policy benefits to start. Different insurers have different waiting periods. Compare insurance companies' waiting periods when selecting a policy.

Claims Procedures and Customer Service

A good insurer should provide a straightforward claim process and helpful customer service that is available for clarifications or questions.

Look into how to make a claim on an eligible vet bill and how quickly claims are processed.





The Best Pet Insurance Policies in Australia

We discuss our top picks for the best policies in Australia below.


pet insurance - pets on me logo



  1. PetsOnMe

    PetsOnMe, one of Australia's leading pet insurers, offers a range of carefully tailored policies designed to meet the needs of your particular dog or cat. Their policies include flexible cover and excess options, so you can select the level of protection that is right for your pet and budget. And there are no lock-in contracts.

    Unlike the majority of other insurers in Australia that only offer 80% or 90% reimbursement on vet expenses, this insurer gives you 100%. This can give you peace of mind, knowing you've got full coverage (less the excess) if your cat or dog gets sick or injured. 

    PetsOnMe covers pets for their lifetimes with no drop in cover late in life, and they offer third-party liability, which even protects you against damage your animal causes to others. 

    Buyers get two months of free coverage for furry friends between 6 and 52 weeks or one month complimentary for those over 12 months. Furthermore, claims and payouts are typically processed within 48 hours, one of the speediest turnarounds available.

  2. Potiki

    Potiki offers four plan options: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Cover. Each cover option comes with multiple excess choices. Buyers can choose to add optional routine care to each plan.

    Platinum Cover grants an annual limit of $30K on eligible vet bills and eliminates some sub-limits—providing superior protection. Platinum Cover also covers dental illness, which is rare for dog and cat insurance. 

    Potiki makes initiating claims easier by allowing online, and GapOnly® claims. Potiki processes 95% of all claims within 5-10 days. 

  3. Petsy

    Petsy has a range of flexible premiums, so you can choose how much you'd like to pay and the level of coverage that suits your budget. Their 'build-your-own' policies are customisable, so you can adjust your policy as needed.

    Petsy offers $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000 annual benefit limits for eligible claims and excess options of $0, $150 or $500. This insurer's policies have no sub-limits, which sets Petsy apart from many competitors. And the company's claims process is simple and fast, usually taking about five days for approval. 

    Australian-owned Petsy has a dedicated customer service team that gives top-notch support to owners.

  4. Medibank

    With two levels of protection, Medibank has affordable and comprehensive coverage plans for dogs and cats. Shoppers can choose between Essential Pet Care or Ultimate Pet Care cover and may also add routine and preventive care options.

    Depending on the plan you choose, you'll receive up to either 70% or 80% back on eligible vet bills, plus an annual benefit limit of either $4,000 or $15,000 to cover unexpected veterinary expenses. Medibank presents clients with excess options of $0, $100 or $200. 

    There's no upper age limit on the Essential cover, making it a great choice for senior pets.

    If you have multiple pets to insure, you enjoy an extra perk: get 5% off for any additional pets covered.

  5. Budget Direct Pet Insurance

    Budget Direct Pet Insurance has a cost-effective reputation. This insurer gives cat and dog owners low-expense insurance that covers injury and illness without compromising quality. Budget Direct Pet Insurance stands out from its competition by providing owners with one cover level that's easy to understand and also by covering all orthopaedic ailments, even ones other insurers may not cover.

    Sign up online for Budget Direct and save yourself a whopping 15% on premiums during your first year. Few others give such a sizeable sign-on discount.

    A maximum of $12,000 is available annually with specific sub-limits. Owners can expect reimbursement of up to 80% of eligible veterinary expenses.

How to Save on Your Pet Insurance

While pet insurance can be costly, there are strategies for reducing costs and getting the most out of your policy.

Here are some tips for saving on your pet insurance policy:

Excess Limits

One way to save on monthly pet insurance payments is by choosing a higher excess limit. Most pet insurance policies have multiple levels of excess that can be selected, and the higher the excess, the lower your premium. However, you will pay more when your pet needs care.



Discounts and Special Offers

When shopping, it's good general advice to look for discounts and deals. Pet insurance companies often give discounts to owners for initial cover. These intro offers can reduce insurance costs significantly.

Many insurers also give discounts if you pay quarterly or yearly rather than monthly.

Multi-pet Discounts

Many insurance companies give discounts when multiple pets are insured. If you have more than one pet, see if you can save money by insuring all your furry friends.

FAQs About Pet Insurance

Can Preventative Care Limit Veterinary Costs?

While having an insurance product is a great way to protect your pet's health, owners can also keep costs down with regular check-ups with the veterinarian. Routine visits can catch potential issues early, making treatment cheaper.

Additionally, providing a healthy diet of high-quality pet food, like Hills Science Diet or Earthborn, proper exercise and quality grooming services can also encourage better overall health and lower your animal's vet bill.

Supplements and flea and worm medication may also reduce costs.

Does a Pre-Existing Health Situation Exclude My Pet From Some Insurance Policies?

Yes, many pet insurance policies in Australia exclude pre-existing medical conditions from cover. Any illness or injury your pet has before you take out the policy may not be covered. Examples include chronic conditions and some behavioural issues.

In some cases, a pet insurer will cover a temporary pre-existing condition. Check policy details to find out how a pre-existing condition is treated.

What's Usually Not Covered Under Pet Insurance?

Many pet insurance policies in Australia cover accidents and illness but do not cover elective procedures for your furry family members, such as cosmetic surgery. Dental work and pre-existing conditions also are ineligible under most policies.

Additionally, some policies may deny cover based on the pet's age. Read the fine print before signing up for any policy to secure the most suitable cover.

Promote Great Pet Health with Pet Insurance

When it comes to protecting your beloved companion, the cost of a comprehensive pet insurance policy can be well worth it, especially when faced with a steep vet bill. 

A good insurer can safeguard pet lovers against expensive vet bills related to injuries, like car accidents or snake bites, and unexpected illnesses. In addition to illness and accident cover, insurers may also cover emergency boarding fees and even offer overseas pet travel insurance.

While it may seem costly upfront, the right policy can be invaluable in the long run.



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